Senior Booklet and Coaches Comments




Coaches Comments on 2020 Seniors:

2020 Lake Mary High School Boys Lacrosse Seniors – “They did their job”

#2 Tyler Guthrie – Midfield - Captain
Tyler was a three year starter whose blue collar work ethic and toughness allowed him to the most versatile player on the team.
- When you need it, whatever “it” is & you need it done right, call his number, natural leader.
-He's my son....need I say him
-love this kid-gymrat-great motor-tenacious 


#3 Chase Strait – Goalie – Captain
Chase is the top goalie in Central Florida and had a remarkable three year career for the Rams
-Chase is just a great kid and pleasure to work with. A true goalie in every sense of the word, competitor, leader, fearless. Loves being challenged. Chase was always there to help all the goalies, it was never beneath him, whether it was a rec level kid, JV, or back up on varsity. This shows maturity, confidence and what it means to be a true leader. He has a tremendous upside. I look forward to following his career.
-LM has had 3 goalie all americans and we are known for having a tradition of goalies.  Chase fortifies that and is a generational talent at his position. 
fearless at the net-played with anger-hated every shot that came his way-a protector in every sense
-an easy going personality until the whistle is blown


#4 Andrew Pingalore – Attack – Captain
Andrew was a two year starter and went from a back up to one of the top attackmen we have ever had at Lake Mary making him also one of the most improved players.
-quiet, low key, silky smooth, unassuming with a great shot from the correct side
 -BMC put canfield on him his Junior season to attack him as a weak link which was in his head when we played brantley and they put Lesko on him. He came up to me and said "coach they are trying to do what bmc did with canfield, should I go to the crease" I told Ping that he was wrong and that they were putting Lesko on him because they believed he was our best Attackman, he ended up having a great game in our brantley win and even beating Lesko a few times. 
- he's a silent assassin with great passion
-lead by example always willing to do what was right 


#9 Jake Langevin – Midfield
Total team player who put the goals of the team above himself. When critiqued about play his response was to show up to practice early and stay late to work on his game which resulted in a great high bounce shot goal vs. Oviedo = Great lesson for all players.
- definition of selfless teammate.  Memorable moment him scoring a first goal against PV in the MLK tourney. 
- the true meaning of a Team player and perseverance
-hard work pays off


#10 Nick Rappa – Defense
Nick was on his way to having a special year as our LSM and demonstrated a great maturity as he filled a vital role for the team.
-Me, “hey Rappa are you hurt?” Rappa “Yeah coach I can’t lift my arm”, Me a minute later, “can you go back in” Rappa, “Yeah coach” Tough kid, with incredible heart.
- the kids engine never stops and competes 
-proof that being shaped by the past is much better than being defined by the past 


#11 Ben Hellein – Attack
Ben’s team first attitude was critical in providing solid team chemistry while providing valuable time to spell our attack unit.
- Ton of grit and desire 
-living proof to finish what you start 


#17 Ethan Shannon – Defense – Captain
Ethan was our coach on the field whose toughness and work ethic were unmatched. It says a lot when the head coach trusts you to run part of the practice when coaching numbers are low.
-class act, tough kid and proves you can be smart & a great athlete at the same time
-total package of a young man. Ferocious tough scholarly gentleman. A great example for all LM lacrosse players to emulate.
-he's the kid a coach points to and states " do it like him" for the right way/reasons

-a true leader-mentor-an embodiment of what tough should be


#22 Quinn McKercher – Attack/Midfield – Captain
Quinn was on his way to having an All American type year and expanded his horizons by becoming a dual threat attack and midfield player who was willing to be both a scorer while doing the dirty work on ground balls, defense, and riding. 
- thick skin, big picture guy. Leader. Best player we have had at the decoy position on the hidden ball.
- accepts any role and challenge presented to him
-skills kills